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                                      Choose TianMao    4 reasons


                                      No best,only better!


                                      Manufacturers direct, fair and equitable price!

                                      Texas Tianmao air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. set manufacturing, sales in one of the products directly face the customer, no cumbersome middlemen links, but also eliminates the need for the intermediate business of high post direct Rangli customers, choose our price is more fair.

                                      Product variety, quality assurance!

                                      Equipment with full page production, no waste full welding process, more perfect solid, good quality!


                                      Received a number of honorary certificates!

                                      Perfect after-sales service system

                                      Tianmao selection is to choose rest assured, perfect after-sales service, let you truly worry free, all-round guarantee your interests!

                                      About us
                                        Texas Tianmao air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the country's largest glass steel central air-conditioning industry base, a Texas City Economic and Technological Development Zone, specializing in the production of series of glass fiber composite wind pipe, glass magnesium duct, Caigang series of composite wind pipe, phenolic aluminium foil compound air duct, a total of duct flange plate, muffler, static pressure box, glass steel winding and pultrusion products, fan, air valve, tuyere, cable tray, aluminum foil hose composite wind pipe special flange and other auxiliary products.
                                      Product navigation:wind pipe  Glass fiber duct  Phenolic duct  Steel duct  Glass magnesium duct
                                      Copyright 2015 Dezhou Tianmao air conditioning equipment Co. Ltd. Tek:86 534 2601728 
                                      Sales company address:Shandong Dezhou City Tianqu road Chinese Decheng District building 15 No. 1509 Regent 
                                      Factory address: Dezhou economic and Technological Development Zone